Assessment Notice – Appeals Process

We are required to send out change of value notices by April 1st of every year. Property owners have the right to appeal their value every year. There are two options to appeal your value.

  • Between April 2 – 25 we can do what is called an informal appeal. This involves meeting with your assessor and discussing your value concerns. If an agreement can be reached on a new value, you can sign an agreement with the assessor to make that change.
  • Between April 2 -30 you can file a petition to the Board of Review. Per Iowa Code 441.37, if your county has been declared a disaster by the federal government between March 1 – May 20, the filing period is extended until June 5th.

This year, due to the concerns over COVID-19, many offices may be closed during this time. Even if offices are open, the CDC and Iowa Department of Health are recommending limited access to events and meetings that require personal contact to protect your health. To limit the amount of exposure and to allow your right to protest your value, we want to provide you with these alternatives.

Board of Review session starts on May 1st and must be completed by May 31st. If your county has been declared a disaster, the session can extend until June 15th.   These meetings are required to be open meetings.  Due to the need for limited contact, electronic meetings, such as by telephone, may be held when a meeting in person is impossible or impractical.


Thank you;

Michael Barth
Appanoose County Assessor