Emergency Management


ADLM Building
12307 Hwy 5 PO Box 399
Moravia, IA 52571
Phone: (641) 724-3223
Fax: (641) 724-3273


Mike Lamb, Coordinator
(641) 895-0407

Mike Bogle, Deputy Coordinator


ADLM Emergency Management Agency

  • Appanoose County Emergency Management
  • Davis County Emergency Management
  • Lucas County Emergency Management
  • Monroe County Emergency Management

Local Emergency Management Commissions

Iowa Code Chapter 29C calls for the establishment of Local Emergency Management Commissions to oversee local emergency management functions within each county or through multi-county partnership agreements under Iowa code 28e. The commission is comprised of a member of the County Board of Supervisors or its appointed representative, the Sheriff or the Sheriffs representative, and the Mayor or the Mayors representative from each municipality. According to code the Commission shall appoint an Emergency Management Coordinator and delegate their authority in order to fulfill the Commissions duties as described in Iowa Code and Administrative Rules. When a disaster or emergency occurs, the Emergency Management Coordinator shall provide coordination to the governing officials of the jurisdiction.

ADLM Emergency Management Agency was formed, in its current structure, by a 28e agreement between Appanoose, Davis, Lucas, and Monroe Counties filed with the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office on September 10th, 2004 subject to Iowa code, Chapter 28e 29C.9, 29C.10 and Administrative Rules.

ADLM Emergency Management Mission Statement

ADLM Emergency Management Agency will ensure, through coordination with Local Governments and private shareholders, that the four county area is prepared to respond to, and recover from, all natural and man-made emergencies/disasters. This office will provide the leadership and support to reduce the loss of life and property through an all-hazards emergency management program of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

Our Vision

Building a safer future through effective partnerships of local governments, emergency services, private sector, and volunteer agencies and the citizens of Appanoose, Davis, Lucas, and Monroe Counties to save lives, protect property and reduce the effects of disasters through preparedness, prevention, planning, response, and recovery activities.

Our Goals

  • Identify and assist in the mitigation of natural and human-caused hazards.
  • Develop, maintain, and exercise county wide plans for major emergencies / disasters that build on and complement the existing operational policies and procedures of local emergency response agencies.
  • Provide the direction and coordination to identify and manage the additional resources needed for a major emergency / disaster response.
  • Gather and disseminate information to the public, media and local government agencies to assist in the preparation, response and recovery from major emergencies / disasters.
  • Serve as the focal point for coordination and liaison of activities between local, state and federal government in the response to and recovery from major emergencies / disasters.
  • Comply with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management requirements for receipt of program funds.