Sheriff’s Sales & Notices

Real Estate Sales by Virtue of Special Execution:

Sheriff Sales will be held at the Appanoose County Sheriff’s Officer unless otherwise posted. On the day of the sale the Sheriff (or Deputy) will call the sale by reading the publication notice. After the publication notice is read all sealed bids will be opened and bidding will begin at the highest bid received. The mortgagor (defendant) may purchase the property at the sale, and acquire the same title as would any other purchaser. If the mortgagor bids an amount equal to the judgment, the property shall be sold to the mortgagor even though other persons may bid an amount which is more than the judgment.

A sale may be postponed when there are no bidders, or when the amount offered is grossly inadequate, when from any cause the sale is prevented from taking place on the day fixed, when requested by the judgment creditor, or when parties so agree, the officer may postpone the sale without being required to give any further notice thereof, which postponement shall be publicly announced at the time the sale was to have been made, but not more than two such adjournments of not more than sixty days in the aggregate shall be made, except by agreement of the parties in writing and made a part of the return upon the execution.

All Sheriff Sale purchases must be Cash in Hand, Personal Check (with letter of adequate fund coverage from financial institution), Bank Draft. If a purchaser fails to pay the money when demanded, the judgment holder or the holder’s attorney may elect to proceed against the purchaser for the amount, otherwise the Sheriff shall treat the sale as a nullity, and may sell the property on the same day, or after postponement as above authorized.

Sheriff Sales are risky business and Sheriff’s Office Staff cannot not provide legal advice. Sheriff staff do not know the condition of the property being sold and cannot authorize inspection of a property prior to the sale. The Sheriff cannot guarantee the property is or will be free of any other liens or judgments. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to conduct all research prior to the sale.

All notices are in PDF format