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PO Box 474
22158 Dewey Rd.
Centerville, IA 52544

Phone: (641) 437-7106
Fax: (641) 437-7107

The current Appanoose County Jail was completed in December of 1974 and is located in the Appanoose County – City of Centerville Law Enforcement Center just off of Iowa Hwy 2 on the West edge of Centerville. In 1986 under Sheriff Gerald Banks the Sheriff’s Office began employing full time Jail staff. The Jail currently employs 6 full time jailers and is certified to hold male & female inmates and juveniles.

Definition of Jail

A jail is any county or municipal building designed by law and used for confinement or detention of those persons lawfully held in custody.


The Appanoose County Jail exists for the detention of persons as required by law. Confined in the jail are persons serving time for crimes for which they have been convicted, and others who are awaiting trial. Convicted prisoners are sentenced to jail as punishment, not for punishment, and will be treated in such a manner as to provide maximum security without undue discomfort. The jail exists solely to protect and maintain the peace and security of the community. Inmates are to be treated in a humane and courteous manner.


Visiting Hours: Sunday – 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Download Visitors Questionnaire – PDF format

  • Immediate family (e.g., brother, sister, parents, spouse, legal guardian or grandparents) plus an additional three (3) non-family members who have been approved by the Jail Administrator or his designee prior to visitation will be allowed to visit. (Non family members must fill out and return the visitor questionnaire in order to be approved for visitation).
  • All visitors must show an authorized valid photo identification card and shall sign the Visitor Log, including name, address, birth date, and name of inmate. Visitors failing to fill out the Visitor Log will be grounds for visitation denial.
  • Contact visitation will not be allowed.
  • All visitors are subject to search by jail personnel as a condition of visitation. Failure to submit to a search will be automatic cause for rejection of access to the visitation area.
  • Inmates are allowed reasonable visitation, subject to the rules of the Appanoose County Jail. Visitation may be rescinded due to any illegal act or violation of jail rules and policies, such as attempting to bring in contraband, weapons, chemical agents, etc.
  • Attorneys and ministers shall be permitted to visit inmates between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or at other times as previously arranged providing jail security and daily routine are not unduly interrupted.
  • At all times children will be accompanied by an adult. No children will be left unattended in the waiting room while an adult is visiting an inmate.
  • Any person under the age of 18 wishing to visit must be a son, stepson, daughter, stepdaughter, brother, sister or grandchild and they must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.
  • Inmates on certain types of disciplinary restriction may not be permitted visitors.
  • If a visitor leaves the Visitation Area, he/she may not return without the permission of the Jailer on duty.
  • Visitors may not bring cigarettes or other tobacco products into the facility.
  • Visitors may bring money to inmates to purchase items from the Jail Commissary.
  • Visitors may not bring any electronic devices (including cell phones) into the jail facility.


Phone Calls

Upon admission, it is the inmate’s right to communicate with his/her attorney and family.

  • Privileged telephone calls from an attorney or clergy shall be received at a reasonable time. Telephone calls to an attorney or clergy shall be made on the inmate telephone. In the event an attorney/clergy phone call is not accepted, the attorney/clergy will be contacted by Jail Staff and arrangements will be made for the attorney/clergy to contact the inmate at the attorney’s/clergy’s convenience. Inmates in special status shall be given the opportunity to make privileged phone calls with Staff assistance.
  • Harassing or annoying phone calls are prohibited and any inmate making harassing or annoying phone calls will be dealt with by disciplinary action and/or criminal action.
  • Inmates may not receive personal phone calls except in an emergency.
  • Non-privileged inmate phone calls may be monitored and recorded at the discretion of the Sheriff or his designee

For questions about the inmate phone system or to set up a phone account for an inmate contact:
Friends and Family of Inmates Customer Service
1-800-896-3201 or www.reliancetelephone.com


  • There is no limit on the amount of general correspondence which may be received by an inmate.
  • All incoming non-privileged mail will be opened and searched for contraband. It may be read and copied for security purposes. Contraband is defined as any item not issued or expressly permitted by jail staff.
  • Only mail received through the United States Post Office shall be delivered to inmates.
  • Inmates under the control of the Appanoose County Jail shall not be permitted to send correspondence to other inmates in the jail or other correctional facilities.

Mail for inmates should be addressed as follows:
Appanoose County Jail
Attn: (inmates name)
PO Box 474
Centerville, IA 52544